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Songwriting Workshops and Related Events

Emily Nyman and Lynn Berry have done several songwriting demonstrations/workshops tailored to the participants and the venue.  Below is a general description of the program. To learn more, send an email to musicwoman512@yahoo.com.

School Workshops/Artist in Residence Program Description

Emily and Lynn want to come to your school and introduce your students to the magic of songwriting.  They have developed lesson plans which enable students to create simple songs in just a few minutes and more complex within 1-2 class periods.  Emily and Lynn will work with your staff to meet the specific needs of your students and incorporate educational standards within your subject area.  Lyric writing may address several writing objectives within Language Arts while composition incorporates the musical elements of chord progressions, rhythm, and melody in the Music class curriculum.   Songwriting lessons may extend far beyond basic writing and music composition, as students compose songs which tell the stories of civil war soldiers in Social Studies class, communicate anti-bullying messages in Guidance groups, or create educational songs to teach the Science food chain to younger grades.  And that is just the beginning. Emily and Lynn’s Songwriting across the Curriculum program tailors lessons to your educational objectives, using the songwriting process to teach as well as assess knowledge gained in any subject area.

Emily and Lynn effectively combine their Counseling and musical experience to create a presentation that is educational and fun as well as cathartic and uplifting for all participants. Both certified Guidance Counselors with 50+ years counseling experience between them, they establish an emotionally safe environment where students can take creative risks; fellow students and teachers are often surprised when students who are usually reluctant to share in academic settings volunteer to share stories of emotional conflict and loss and perform their works in progress.  

Emily and Lynn have also presented information about the Music Business as part of Career Exploration Day.  They can also meet with enrichment groups to delve deeper into songwriting, including more sophisticated writing and multiple instrument and harmony arrangements as well as recording.

Emily and  Lynn have grant writing experience and will assist in proposal and reporting paperwork completion if needed.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Contact Emily and Lynn for a free consultation and fee information. 




Completed workshop descriptions

October 2014 Massachusetts

Are you a poet in search of a melody? A composer in search of the right words? A creative spirit seeking to be re-energized? One who appreciates music and the creative process? Join Folk Singer-Songwriters Emily Nyman and Lynn Berry for a songwriting demonstration and workshop.  At this informal gathering, participants will meet other creative folks, learn some songwriting strategies, and have the opportunity to share “works in progress” or just appreciate the contributions of others. Join Emily and Lynn for this inspiring, fun event at Gabriel’s on Monday, October 13th, from noon-1:30. 


Do you enjoy listening to an eclectic mix of singer-songwriter, 60's folk, classic rock, blues, country and old standards? Folk Singer-Songwriters Emily Nyman and Lynn Berry are partners in life and song. They enjoy sharing their original music and stories behind their songs as well as their unique versions of cover tunes.  Over the years, Emily and Lynn have provided music to Provincetown residents and visitors through their performances at the Mews, the Women’s Week WOMR Live Radio Show, the Innkeeper’s Dinner, Provincetown Library, and the Writer’s Group at Napi’s.  Their recordings and interviews have aired on WOMR and are available at Muir Music. For a listening experience that is both relaxing and entertaining, come to this concert event at Gabriel’s on Tuesday October 14th from noon -1:30.  Email for more information: musicwoman512@yahoo.com


For more information about Gabriel's Provincetown Hotel, go to their webpage:  http://www.provincetownhotel.com/


For more information about Women's Week, go to: http://womensweekprovincetown.com/